Mixed Bags and Hounded Out.

Well I returned once again to the Solway with my cousin John this time to fish a much bigger tide than our last trip, we also had an opportunity to fish a rising tide into darkness so hopes were high of a good evenings fishing. We arrived at the beach in plenty of time but were greeted by quite a lot more water than I had anticipated as a consistent wind was blowing against the dropping tide holding the tide back from reaching our chosen mark. We set up and had a few casts before making our way out to our chosen mark, second and third casts saw the T1000 cast at distance with crab bait on a single clipped down rig picking up a couple of doggies, blank off and time to move out along the beach and get set up for a few hours over low water.

Second cast saw off the blank

Both John and I got set up and cast out and within a few minutes John was out fishing yours truly once again getting hooked up to a lovely male smoothie of 6lb, he got his first smoothie on our last outing and was really looking forward to getting a better stamp of one and boy did he do it in style, the fish took a crab bait with a nice solid bite and big slackliner as it took off with his rig down tide. I gave John one of the new Tip Tornado Super Match Graphex rods to try and it was only ten minutes or so after his first smoothie the tip slammed down twice with a real violent bite, fish on, the Super Match Graphex really handled the fight well bending into the surging lunges that the fish took before beaching a female smoothie of 6 1/2lb another pb for John, and a great way to christen the new Super Match Graphex rod.

John with another pb smoothie.

Meanwhile I was catching yes you guessed it couple more doggies and I was trying to avoid another dose of doggie rash John gave me a shout, he had only gone a got himself a nice schoolie bass talk about getting out fished. Next cast John pulled out a nice sized dab and it went quite just over low water.

John with a couple of surprise Bass

The tide turned and started to flood, the fish once again started to feed and I started to catch a few fish, first a boot lace then a dab so at least I was getting a couple of fish all falling to crab baits. An hour or so after low water the T1000 tip nodded and slacklined I got onto the rod straight away and as soon as I got contact with the fish I could feel the fish surge away, all the way into the butt of the rod, the fish fought from the moment I made contact with it until it got it to within a few meters of the shore it took off again thrashing away with its tail whipping away, I waded out the couple of meters and tailed the fish before it took off again, boy do they have some power as it writhed away as I lifted it out from the water. Unhooked John did the honours with the photos and I returned the fish back into the sea, one wiggle and the fish swam strongly back into the surf none the worse for ware.

Smile says it all in the last rays of sun

John had another Dab and a Bass and I finished the session off with a very well conditioned Codling before the tide pushed us off our mark, we tried further down the beach where we started off at but nothing showed up into darkness, the session really was a mixed bag, Bass, Cod, Dabs, Doggies, Eel and Smoothhounds John got a couple of new pb’s so job done. It’s also the first time I had ever seen a Bass come from the venue fingers crossed we may get a bigger one next trip back down to our fishing venue of old.

Great condition Codling last cast, hope for the winter

Well a week on and the tides were once again very small John and I headed out to the same mark as our last outing, we got straight onto the mark and got set up. I teamed my T1000 6500ct mag reel with a single clipped down rig baited with crab and got it out first and into the rest, I geared up the T900 7HT with fish baits on a loop rig, hooks were 3/0 Chinu style hooks for the crab baits and Manta extras in 1/0 on the loop rig. As I was baiting up the T900 I noticed a slight tap on the T1000, as I continued to bait up the loop rig the T1000 tip nodded again, maybe a fish, I got theT900 out and fishing and wound in the T1000 to find the crab bait tore apart, back out went another crab bait cast at distance and it was only out 5 mins before the tip bounced down and didn’t come back up, fish on, the tip bent over as the fish surged away twice before I could start to gain line, I got back 15 m or so and away it went again I was considering loosing the clutch just in case the fish took off again. I gained more line each time the fish stopped charging away and eventually I beached the fish a lovely smoothie of around 5lb. What a start and it continued as I landed a further two smoothies on successive casts, one of which I was sure was a common as it was free of stars. What a wonderful account all the fish gave of them selfs as every fish I hooked fought all the way in. I also managed a couple of doggies on the T900 fish baits in between smoothies. John got a great sized flounder and then a couple of smoothies as well, maybe they moved up tide a little. One of John’s smoothies had what can only be described as lacerations on both side of the fish and on closer inspection it had at some point in its life got wrapped in fishing line that was completely around its body and through its dorsal fin, I removed the line and hopefully it will recover as it was fighting fit at the time of capture and return, the fish had obviously grown and the line had cut into its flesh so it’s now free to reach its full potential without hinderance.

It went a little quite towards low water and as I was chatting to John who at the time was rebating one of his rods the tip of his other rod slammed down, I picked up the rod and at once felt the fish hit the bait again, I struck and started to retrieve line and handed John his rod and a great little bass slid onto the beach, what a thump it gave the crab bait, great bonus fish.

Great start three in three casts

John got going with a great flounder, smoothie and bonus bass.

Both john and myself have been fish the area for more years than either of us care to remember but on occasion an odd Bass has been caught from the area but I have never had the luck to catch one, I have even had two guys come down set up either side of me and both have caught Bass and me nothing. Well that was about to change the T1000 tip bounced and I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye as I was returning from talking with John, I picked up the rod and the tip nodded again I was fairly sure it was another smoothie as it gave me a little slack line, I started the retrieve there was definitely a fish on but the fight was different to a smoothie maybe a doggie but no it was a lovely plump bar of silver, yes I managed to get myself a Bass after 35 years I had finally managed to catch one, for the record it was bang on 1 1/2lb, boy was I chuffed.

Hunt is over my first Bass from the Solway.

The tide by this time was starting to push back in and the T1000 tip hooped over fish on yet another smoothie had hit the crab bait hard and took off down tide at a rate of knots, it always amazes me of the power of these wonderful fish as they charge off maybe trying to stay with the rest of the pack, that fish was the first of three smoothies that hit my crab baits hard on successive casts what a session.i really didn’t have much time to do much with my second rod as it to was nodding every now and again as a doggie had once again hit the fish baits.

John managed yet another smoothie just before we moved down the beach as the tide was starting push in hard, we had a couple of cast further down the beach and first cast John managed yet another cracking hound so what an end to a really great day.

Three more on the flood tide.

John managed one final smoothie before the tide pushed us off the mark.

Great end to the session John with a final hound.

Well let’s hope that we can find a few more of these fantastic fighting fish in our next outing. It been a fantastic run of fish for us both over the last two months or so. Long may it continue.

Tight lines to you all


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