July hound hunting in all weathers.

July 2019 hound hunting in all weathers.

John and I returned once again to the mark that has been giving some great sport with smoothhounds our target once again. We fished an evening big low tide with the intention of fishing into darkness. We got onto our mark and got the rods out, baits were crab baits mounted on Chinu style hooks, pennel style and clipped down cast a star as I could into a strong in your face wind with the T1000/6500 combination being my favourite combination for distance fishing over cleanish ground, my second rod was a T900/7HT combination armed with a loop rig loaded with fish baits in the top hook a 1/0 manta extra and crab bait on the bottom hook on a 3/0 Chinu hook. The tide was pushing out hard and the water was coloured but 4th cast I managed to catch the butt of the T1000 as rod was just about parallel with the ground, boy do those smoothies hit a bait hard, it fought hard and long and I was relieved that eventually the fish was beached, around 5lb it was photographed and returned to the water quickly. Next cast as I was baiting up my spare rig I noticed a huge slack liner but unfortunately the fish was a bit quicker than me and a totally clean rig was my reward, ah well one all I made that. I had a nice sized doggie on the T900 about an hour before low water and it when a little quite. John got going just before low water with a nice schoolie Bass.

Fourth cast and a lovely smoothie to start the session.

The tide flooded fast and once again I was rebating my spare rig when the butt of my T1000 walloped into my calf as once again a smoothie hit the bait hard and swam off down tide, I’m always impressed with the fighting qualities of these wonderfully strong with the fish making repeated surges on the way in, at last the fish slid onto the beach this one was a little smaller around 3lb or so, it really doesn’t matter as they certainly fight well.

John eventually got a lovely conditioned smoothie.

Last smoothie of the session.

We were forced off the open beach by the fast rising tide and by the time we reached the head of the beach as we looked back across the beach our fishing mark was all but gone, a little care can make sure you can once again return to your favourite marks, safety first is a must.

We continued into darkness and the last cast I had another doggie on fish baits and a bonus Bass on the crab bait, the fish took the rig down tide for a couple of minutes as I was busy packing away the T900. Well that made it my second Bass from my old teenage fishing marks, slower than the last visit but still a rewarding trip, I have never had such a great start to the summer season, guess I’m due a poor trip out soon fingers crossed but long may it last.

Next trip out was again a return to the same mark, an evening medium sized tide but the weather forecast changed from a nice evening with low wind speeds and no rain to rain and good blow from the south west, in fact it was close to cancelling the trip out, the only saving grace was that the wind direction was to be from our backs. I changed my rod choice to include my trusty TT-R as my 2 hook loop rig setup. We arrived at the beach and was faced with a wind straight into our faces and the long walk out took twice as long as normal and guess what yes it started to spit with rain. We eventually got to our chosen place and got the T1000 out and fishing a crab bait mounted on a pennel style clipped down rig hooks were 3/0 & 2/0 Top Gun hooks and started to rig up the TT-R, l looked up from mounting the reel and the T1000 tip slammed over that had to be a bite but so soon I tighten the line up and continued to get the second rod out crab on the bottom hook fish bait on the top. I got the T1000 wound in and sure enough the crab bait was smashed to pieces, great they were still out there and feeding, I repainted and got the rod recast just as the TT-R tip went down and didn’t come back up, I caught the butt as it rose up from the beach I wound down hard on the fish as it took off down tide, again and again the fish fought all the way in. What a cracking start I had only been on the mark 20 minutes and had a nice smoothie on the beach.

Second bite what a start.

I got the rod out and fishing again but things went a little quite, however it was not long before I saw John getting bent into a fish, he really was enjoying the fight and eventually a lovely common smoothie hit the shingle beach, I did the honours with the camera and got the fish back safely into the water, I just got back to my rods and yes John was bent into another fish, same procedure photos taken and fish returned.

John got in on the action with back to back fish.

I got my rods out and rebated T1000 first and the TT-R second, strange bit I could not get the T1000 tight on the lead after the re cast, it must have been 30 or 40 turns of the reel handle before I managed to get contact with the lead and straight away the line slackened again, it couldn’t be a fish surly, if it was I must have hit it on the head with the lead, I picked up the T1000 wound down and bang the tip went over and kept on bending, this fish was really pulling back as I struggled to gain some line back, the fight was on and this fish didn’t take a few surges this one was constantly thumping away could it be a really nice sized fish, I steadied my mind that was racing with the thought that this one could be a bit special and got back to job in hand getting the fish beached, by this time John was on hand to make sure the fish was safely landed and yes this fish was a lump, long and broad, this one would have to go on the lie detector or scales as some know them as. Well the fish pulled the scales to 11 3/4lbs a pb for myself and the fish didn’t have a star on it so a common smooth hound to boot. As you can see from the photo I was one happy bunny even though the weather was what can only be described as wet and windy. The fish moved back up tide and John hit two fish one after the other just as one fish was landed his other rod roared off, what a session it was constant action as the smoothies were certainly on the feed. I had a couple of bonus doggies on the fish baits when I had time in between landing smoothies, photos and getting spare rigs baited to get the TT-R wound and re cast, I suppose being kept busy takes your mind off the weather which was not improving.

New pb 11 3/4lb common.

Two smoothies one on each rod

The T1000 tip once again dipped sharply and a load of slack line bowed in the wind, I was onto the fish straight away and after a great fight a lovely smoothie hit the shingle, John was busy re baiting at the time so a quick snap of the fish with the rod and back into the water safe and sound.

T1000 strikes again.

John was next as his rod tip took a really hard hit as the fish hit his crab bait hard, he was struggling trying to keep the fish moving toward the beach as it constantly fought to resist the contestant pressure that John was putting on the fish, it took a while but boy was it worth it another fish worth putting onto the lie detector this one hit 8 3/4lb yet another pb. Next up was yours truly with another smoothie and inside 5 minutes John had another smoothie on the beach, bear in mind it was not low water yet and all the fish we had so far were taken in last 2 1/2 hours of the ebb tide what a mad time with both had. The action slackened off over low water, I had another doggie just before low water and the weather was still not playing ball but at least it had stopped raining quite so heavily. John was way again with yet another lovely conditioned smoothie and within 5 minutes I had another smoothie out. The fishing was really something else, I’m almost sure that the heavy overcast weather conditions helped giving the fish confidence to feed heavily throughout the time we had on the mark, we had to get off the mark a little earlier than planned as the wind was helping to push the tide in, we had a couple more cast further up the beach but not nothing doing, strange as I thought we maybe lucky and find a couple of Bass feeding in the surf being kicked up with the flood tide. I’m sure that both myself and John will remember this session not only for the new pb’s, the at times manic fishing but also for the less than ideal weather, but it just goes to show that if your not out there fishing you just don’t if your missing out on a superb fishing session and maybe the fish of a lifetime.

It’s getting time to get the freezer filled with mackerel for winter bait so I recon the next few trips out will be mackerel bashing time but who knows what lays ahead.

John’s with his new pb 8 3/4lb

Last couple on the ebb tide

Last two smoothies on a wet and windy evening

Tight lines


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